Thursday, June 5, 2014

Using evolution with an exchange server

First, install the evolution, evolution-mapi, and evolution-exchange packages. On CentOS 6.3, this was accomplished by the command sudo yum install evolution evolution-mapi evolution-exchange.

When setting up the account, select Exchange MAPI for the Server Type on the Receiving Email tab. It may also be necessary to use the IP address of your Exchange server, instead of the name. The domain name should be the prefix you normally see on your Windows login i.e. WONDERCO/jdoe could be


Username: jdoe

Domain name:WONDERCO

IMPORTANT: Before you click View->Calendar, disable the "Prefer Plain Text" plugin by going to Edit->Plugins, then unchecking the "Prefer Plain Text" box. I didn't do this, and got trapped in the calendar, which would freeze evolution every time it was launched. If this happens, reset your settings by following the instructions at the link below.


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