Saturday, April 4, 2015

IFT6266 Week 9

This week I recoded a basic feedforward VAE, using batch normalization at every layer. There are still some small plumbing issues related to calculating fixed point statistics but I am hoping to solve those soon.

Adding BN to VAE appears to make it much easier to train. I am currently using standard SGD with nesterov momentum, and it is working quite well. Before adding batch normalization no-one (to my knowledge) had been able to train a VAE using MLP encoders and decoders, on real valued MNIST, with a Gaussian prior. A tiny niche to be sure, but one I am happy to have succeeded in!

Source image:


Random samples from Z:

I am currently finalizing a convolutional VAE (as seen in my early posts) with the addition of batch normalization. If this network performs as well as before, I plan to extend to semi-supervised learning  either with the basic VAE or the convolutional one to finish the course.

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