Friday, February 7, 2014

Zipit Z2 Information

Based on debian sid.
2 users set up by default. root password root. user password user.
The system auto logs in as user at boot and starts the desktop environment.
The keymapping is standard to the other zipit userlands.
The smily face = esc
The zipit key = tab
Alt = alt
… = ctrl
D-pad = arrow keys
Options key turns on and off the mouse (d-pad)
Mouse buttons are: center of d-pad = right click, stop button = left click

Commonly asked “where are these keys?”
alt+next = ~
ctrl+backspace = | (NOTE: on my version this is ALT+Smiley)
alt+. = }
alt+, = {
shift+. = >
shift+, = <
ctrl+shift+j = (
ctrl+shift+k = )
alt+prev = scroll up (in irssi)
alt+next = scroll down (in irssi)
shift+prev = scroll up (in terminal)
shift+next = scroll down (in terminal)

Keybindings for desktop shortcuts:
ctrl+m = menu
ctrl+t = terminal
ctrl+r = run prompt
ctrl+l = close window
ctrl+n = next window
ctrl+p = previous window
ctrl+q = backlights off
ctrl+w = backlights on

To adjust lcd and keyboard backlights manually, run as root:
lcd max high med low off
keys max high med low off